From NPR News: Which TV Shows Will Be Back Next Year?

EDIT: Sorry to hear Marvel’s “Agent Carter” got cut. Second season, I missed all but the first 15 minutes of episode 5. I heard it ended on a cliffhanger, but hadn’t read anything more, hoping I could pick up seasons 1 and 2 on DVD.

I keep hearing about NetFlix’ success with Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Haven’t seen them. Can’t afford NetFlix. Need to see if they do DVDs.

I hear-tell, ABC’s cable station “Freeform”, picked up Cloak & Dagger as a series! Awesome. Now if I can just remember to tune-in.

Thank goodness Agents of SHIELD is still going.

Sometimes wish there was a Marvel channel. With AMC’s The Walking Dead, for example, During its season, on the night they show a new episode, the show a ‘mini-marathon’ of at least the previous two episodes. Helpful for ‘episodic storytelling’.

Been missing a lot of ‘episodic TV’ lately. Family stuff, scheduling conflicts. I guess I should cut myself off from all ‘broadcast schedules’ got strictly DVD and on-demand. Easier to schedule. Not as ‘spontaneous’ feeling, but better to manage.

Sorry to hear Castle got the ax. I’d only seen a few episodes, but it was fun. But, it was more ‘procedural one-shots’, so, I can probably find it on any number of cable stations, in mini-marathon blocks.

EDIT II: And, you know, even if for whatever reason Marvel continues to not acknowledge the TV series within the movies, is there any way whatsoever for more of the characters from the movies — every single one of them, including the ‘big guns’ — to appear more frequently on ‘Agents of SHIELD’? For the ‘smaller stories’? The ‘individual fights’?

For example, with ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’, HYDRA was back! It had been ‘infesting’ governments and corporations worldwide for decades. Chilling! Cap & Friends reveal it, quash a major plot in the form of Project: Insight. “Agents of SHIELD’ picks up from there. HYDRA has been disrupted, but is still a threat, and may be splintering into factions. Chilling!

Then, ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ comes along, and the opening sequence is the Avengers supposedly ‘mopping up’ the last of Hydra, at Baron von Strucker’s Sokovia installation. Bummer. Luckily, ‘Agents of SHIELD’ picked up from there, revealing HYDRA to have its origins in an Inhuman-worshipping cult. Killer!

but, surely, we don’t need every episode of SHIELD to be about the ‘core team’ of Coulson’s ‘inner circle’? Could have had episodes involving new character or even current characters interacting with the ‘big guns’ and some of the new villains. Introduced more alien and extradimensional stuff? ‘Agent Carter’ episodes should still be a thing, they just don’t need to be an entire series.

Maybe, expanding the number of episodes of AoS, but varying the content/characters more would help? Not every agent need to be in every episode. (Sidenote: work on the dialog, too. Tired of ‘soap opera-like re-cap dialog’; the ‘previously on Agents of SHIELD’ montage should be enough, if needed.)

I just… I look at what FOX got out of Deapool on a smaller budget, and the volume of episodes the original STAR TREK had in just three seasons back in the 1960’s… there’s got to be a way to get more, get better, and keep costs under control… Some of that might mean consolidating into a “Marvel TV channel”, where they can both experiment, and keep the shared-univers under control. New TV episodes, TV reruns, and the MCU movies.

EDIT (2016-05-18): “Agents of SHIELD”. All I can say is, if *we* never see a “Marvel TV” channel, I’d love every Tuesday on ABC’s broadcast network to be two hours of *something* Marvel. Last night was something fun, no doubt.

(Still, they need to do something to smooth out certain ‘hokey-ness’ in the dialog. Hopefully, the actors love thier characters enough to help the writers on that front, somehow.)

And if May isn’t the new Director of SHIELD,…. It’d better be Tony Stark. Or Glenn Talbot.