Torpedo, a type of “ray” (like a manta ray) that can generate electricity as a defense. “Torpidus” in Latin means “numb’ or “paralyzed”.

I was looking at the HCR UNITS section’s entry on Marvel’s Turbo (Marvel HeroClix AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #009) and remembered she was an update to an 80’s hero named Torpedo. (My best friend was really into ROM at the time, and showed me Torpedo’s death at the had of a Dire Waith. Chillingly awesome.) Was searching images to do a ‘Wish-List” post for Torpedo, decided to look up the definition of ‘torpedo’. Only thing I knew was that ‘torpedo’ was a type naval weapon, and wondered why Marvel would give a flight-themed hero that name.

After reading the Wikipedia entry, I’m surprised Marvel hasn’t used it for aquatic-themed hero of villain.

Anyway, also read-up on a rather ‘generic’ group of thugs-for-hire called the “Rocketeers”. Would be cool to get them for HeroClix as well.

ROM 22 Torpedo RocketeersROM_25_Torpedo_Death

Marvel RocketeersAVAS009 Turbo