From NPR News: Mexico’s Justice System Battles Its Own Reputation To Build Trust

“When it comes to criminal justice, Mexico is better known for bribery than best practices. But police are receiving better training, and reforms now allow for open trials and presumption of innocence.”

IMHO: Way too many people demonizing Mexico and Mexicans.

My Moderate/Centrist Republican “Pax Americana” dream is that eventually Mexico and Canada become part of the United States of America.

Building a wall won’t help. What we’re doing now (as shown in that piece above) with helping Mexico reform its justice and police systems is enlightening and encouraging work.

From NPR News: Many Manufacturing Workers Don’t Make Enough To Keep Off Public Assistance

“A UC Berkeley’s Labor Center study suggests that many American manufacturing jobs aren’t paying enough to keep workers off of public assistance. NPR’s Linda Wertheimer talks to the Center’s, Ken Jacobs”

IMHO: American manufacturing was in a unique position after WWII. We’ll never be in such a position again.

Hopefully, all while that market force we call ‘globalization’ works itself out,  American manufacturing will improve. You’re not going to solve the low-wage problem, though, until we can correct the skewed ‘market’ that is upper management and CEO pay/compensation.  It’s tying up too much money. A legion of ‘Smaugs’ seeing what they can Take and Hoard for themselves, essentially rendering the rest of us as Serfs and Slaves of varying degrees.

Medical science progresses: How A Team Of Elite Doctors Changed The Military’s Stance On Brain Trauma

IMHO: Science! And networking. Progress.