Edit (2016-06-16):
From NPR News: CIA Director: Battlefield Advances Have Not Degraded ISIS’ Terrorism Potential http://n.pr/23dRYCX

Something is trying to come about in the ‘Middle East’. ISIS/ISIL/IS may be only the latest iteration, the latest permutation of something trying to become manifest.

A lot of speculation on how we could have stopped ISIS from forming, if only we’d understood the signs. I don’t know. “Hindsight is 20/20” they say.

Like Europe and its bout with Fascism and Nazism, it may be that things will *have* to get monstrously worse before they get better, that the ‘disease’ of militant, ideologically radicalized Islam has to rot, expand, then grow to the point it can’t sustain itself on such a flawed foundation of brutal violence and fear and hate. That the rest of the world witnessing such atrocities may help it innoculate itself against it.

For thought:http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/memory-of-the-camps/

EDIT (2016-06-17):
One point I’m trying to get across is that ISIL is potentially just as bad as the Nazis were.

The Nazis had an ideology that started with “inherent Aryan supremacy” as its initial “wedge” to separate themselves from all “Others”, rendering such ‘others’ as beneath them, used to justify brutal, horrific, criminal acts.

I see ISIL in a similar light: an ideology that starts with “Islamic supremacy” (a politicizing and weaponizing of a religion) as its “wedge”.