One fan’s ‘Marvel PuzzleQuest’ Wish-List (v1.1)

D3 Go!’s “Marvel Puzzle Quest”, a “Match 3” puzzle combined with “Role-Playing Game” elements. Play puzzle ‘nodes’ linked into stories, or play nodes in ‘player versus player’ events for global ranking. rewards for beating ‘nodes’ range from ‘covers’ for characters (used to add the character to your roster, as well as add/enhance a character’s powers); “Iso-8”, used to ‘level-up’ your character; ‘Hero Point’ (“coin of the realm”) used to purchase slots in your roster to add characters, and to purchase a chance to get a cover or some other prize in one of the ‘lotteries’; and “Command Points”, also used to purchase chances in character cover ‘lotteries’ or directly purchase additional covers for a character already in your roster.

Love it. Been playing it, and making in-game PayPal purchases to support it, for over a year and a half. [Less so the past couple of months. Some strange Google Play password hiccup blocked be from purchasing one day, and had me convinced someone was trying to steal my identity or account, and I went on a credit report downloading, password-changing spree trying to head off I-know-not-what.]

The game has changed a lot. As the developer seeks to keep the game fresh and exciting, new characters are introduced. That often means rendering older characters obsolete. Bit of a ‘escalation’ in the character roster ‘arms race’. The 1-star and 2-star characters are nearly useless (outside of specifically ‘character required’ nodes) as the development has progressed up through 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star characters.

I’m fine with whatever they (D3 Go!) does with its 3-star thru 5-star development.

This post is s ‘wish-list’ of things I’d like to see for the Story Event section’s “Prologue” and “Deadpool’s Daily Quest” Events, and things related to 1-star and 2-star characters. Ideas are in no particular order of importance, but are all connected; if all couldn’t be done, would rather not see any of them done, just keep things as they are.

  • 1-star and 2-star characters shouldn’t cost roster slots. They should be ‘free’ yet can’t be sold off. Automatically added to your roster. You could still sell of extra covers for Iso-8.
  • 1-stars: we should either be able to champion 1-stars, or both 1-stars and 2-stars should not be championed, period.
  • The “Dark Reign” storyline missions: need to be redone. All 5 ‘chapters’ should be re-imagined as ‘Daily Quests’. We don’t need to replicate the “Deadpool Daily Quest” layout and nodes; just make each node only playable once a day, up the rewards, adjust the difficulty, allow only 1-star and 2-star characters to be used. For new players, it’ll help them level-up their 1- and 2-stars, and for new or experienced, it’s an ‘Iso-8 farm’. Gives new players something to continue to do, if they don’t yet have a powerful enough roster (and can’t spend the money) to compete more steadily in Story or Versus events.
  • “Deadpool’s Daily Quest” and other Story events: should only require 3-star characters. EXCEPT that once-every-few-days DDQ node that is the ‘4-star duel’ thing. Would like to see Story events pop up that require only 4-star or 5-star characters as well.
  • Regarding the ‘lotteries’: would rather see them all become ‘Vaults’. Would really like to see the “Legendary” lottery become a 9-cover vault, with the selection of covers rotating every 24 hours. They could still scale the percentage chance of pulling rarer covers. The only way to guarantee you’ll pull the cover of that day’s vault that you want is to spend the Hero Points (or Command Points) to buy up the vault.

… that’s pretty much my wish-list. I’ll edit it as necessary, plop in some additional ideas that strike me.

Except characters I want to see. Or improvements to existing characters. I know both those can get tedious. Everyone has character and ability wish-lists.