Was rereading some articles on “HYDRA-Captain America”. Saw a link regarding Hayley Atwell commenting on “Captain America: Civil War” and how Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter’s niece, Sharon Carter, maybe starting a relationship. http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/06/04/hayley-atwell-on-what-peggy-would-think-of-steve-and-sharon

Sidenote: I do hope Disney/Marvel continues with “Agent Carter”. I know Disney feels like they got the ‘girl-consumers’ cornered with all of its “Princesses”, but I have to say: Even as a boy, loved that the male superheroes interacted in the comics so much with the female superheroines. And, heck, part of the whole ‘adolescent power fantasy’ angle to superheroes is the ‘impress that girl you like’ trope. Plus, you know, boys continue to grow, becoming bigger fanboys. Exposure to strong, morally-grounded male and female superhero concepts is a good think. Makes you think, hopefully avoiding bad habits and prejudicial thoughts.

Anyway, I’m trying to dissect Atwell’s comments, about Sharon and Steve.

CA:CW, Peggy dies off-camera. Last time we saw her in the ‘modern setting’ appeared to be suffering from dementia-related memory loss, maybe even an Alzheimer’s patient. Alzheimer’s. “The  Long Good-Bye.”

If we assume the MCU movies’ stories are taking place in the Marvel universe in the year they hit the theaters, Steve popped into the modern era in 2011 (“Captain America: The First Avenger”). Began doing a few things here and there for SHIELD, apparently, possibly even before the Avengers (2012). In “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” (2014), we see he’s found Peggy. (Safe to assume he was reunited with her in some way in 2011?). She’s well into her 90’s, suffering from dementia; Midway through her conversation with Steve, she appears to forget he was there, and reacts to seeing him as if it was the first time since he ditched the HYDRA “deathwing” into the Atlantic. And she’d had a full life, apparently. Husband, kids, successful career.

Meanwhile, Sharon Carter appears to have been covertly ‘monitoring’ Steve for SHIELD for quite some time. Since Steve got set up in his apartment? Maybe? When would that have been? 2011?

Peggy died (off-screen) in 2016’s “Captain America: Civil War”. So. How long was that good-bye to Peggy?


I don’t think Steve and Sharon’s lip-lock was ‘too soon’. They were both faithful to and respectful of Peggy, right up until she passed on. Can’t believe Peggy, if she were cognizant enough, would be selfish in any way that would she would not want either Steve or her niece (grand-niece?) Sharon to live life, and find happiness.

Anyway, found out today that D3 Go!’s mobile game — Marvel Puzzle Quest — will be introducing a “What If…?” version of Peggy Carter that I’d never heard of: Peggy as Captain America! After Steve gets assassinated, Peggy steps up to take the super soldier serum. (Little fuzzy on the details.) Looks fun! “American Dream”! Hope to add her to my collection, soon.

MPQ_Peggy_Carter_Captain_America_yellow MPQ_Peggy_Carter_Captain_America

Captain Peggy America artist unknown

Sidebar: I was not upset when Steve Rogers ‘died” in the comics after the “Superhero Civil War”, seemingly shot dead on the courthouse steps, ‘inhibiter-cuffed’, on the way to his first hearing. Thought it was a bumb ‘stunt’, since he’d ‘be back’. And he returned. I did, at the time, think that it might be a good idea for them to leave Steve dead, really dead. “What did he die for?” would have remained the question. Some kind of ‘permanent fallout’ from the ‘war’.

But, they brought him back from the dead, with a ‘time-bullet’ gimmick, having been shot with a special weapon, bouncing in various ways through time. Another spin on the “Man Out of Time” motif they like to use for him from time to time.

Then, a few years ago, Marvel creative/editorial took the tack that Steve’s body was starting to fail him, the Super-Soldier Serum process finally wearing off. Sam Wilson assumed the mantle of Captain America. I whole-heartedly approved. I like Sam, thought it might be a ggod way for Marvel to ‘change generations’ somehow. Steve would still be that Good Guy who ended up being the Right Guy for the Moment, in a One-in-a-Million, “we got really lucky” kinda way. And he’d passed the mantle to another Good Guy in Sam Wilson. Pass the Torch.


HYDRA-Cap. I don’t care if they [Marvel] gets itself out of the corner it painted itself into with some sort of time-bending Cosmic Cube-related shenanigans to explain it away. Or some sort of ‘deep cover’ triple-agent twist. I’ll ride it out.

Glad I can’t really afford to buy both comics and HeroClix. And, yeah, I’ll collect the HeroClix version of “HYDRA-Cap”. Still. “Shitty marketing stunt.”