From NPR News: Obama: Globalization Is ‘Here’ And ‘Done’ http://n.pr/29ax1aw

Excerpt: [President Obama] cautioned that withdrawing from trade deals such as NAFTA, as Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee has threatened, “is the wrong medicine for dealing with inequality.”

This lowly citizen agrees.

Short, medium, and long term challenges: adapting to both globalization of trade and global climate change.

Society must evolve, government must evolve, right along with business and technology. Ethics/Morality/Values must continue to evolve as well, to allow for discovery and growth while still being the ‘checks & balances’ against ‘devolutionary’ excess. 

Short, medium, long-term: needing reinvestment in all levels of civilization’s infrastructure, from physical to metaphysical. Energy, Transportation, Communication, Science, Water Management.

Energy sector is evolving nicely. So, that’s good. 
“Moonstone to Cure Cancer” is a great idea. Pulls along many areas of research as well as treatment. Keeping track of it all, communicating it all, continues to be a huge challenge.

 Could also use some “Moonbasing” and “Marsbasing”,  as such bold goals result in problem-solving and technology advances that ripple across every others area.

“Trickledown” economics may not work (given human nature, baser animal impulses combined with human imagination and ingenuity resulting Greed and Gluttony and Jealousy more often than not, as the more animal instincts for higher position in the animal pecking order and the access to more resources and breeding opportunities higher position brings [power/wealth]), but Knowledge trickles down rather well. Hopefully, Wisdom and Compassion will be encouraged to keep up.

EDIT (2016-07-03):

From NPR News: President Obama Defends His Record On Race http://n.pr/29lpjah

Good series of interviews.