From NPR News: Juno Space Probe Is Set To Enter Jupiter’s Orbit On Monday

Expansion of human knowledge, exploration of the “Final Frontier.” Positive story. Something to give me hope for humanity. That maybe as a species we’ll grow past our baser animal impulses.

Here in the States, Independence Day, the 4th of July is tomorrow. Time to celebrate another “birthday” for the nation, be thankful we’ve gotten this far. Reflect on what we’ve done right, what we’ve done wrong, what we’re doing to make things right, and where we’re going from here.


I don’t mean to “ignore” things like the killings at The Pulse in Orlando, or the killings in Bangladesh or Baghdad by not posting about them to this blog. Such things are not far from my mind; I’m a bit of an NPR News junkie, so it’s always in my thoughts. 

This blog is supposed to be an escape, something “cleansing” in a way, to clear my head and have some fun, get away from both the “daily bloodshed of the World as well as the usual drudgery of daily life. Still, feeling a little guilty not mentioning them…