Stumbled into this: Marvel’s new “Iron Man” is a black woman named Riri Williams! Very cool. Looking forward to this, to the character becoming a mainstay of the narrative universe.

Meanwhile, finally found this: BleedingCool’s review of “Steve Rogers * Captain America” #2, talking about “HYDRA-Cap”. Okay, so, it does involve time-bending antics. Good. Was very afraid Marvel was trying a full-on Ret-Con, destroying a great fictional character with a dumb stunt. *whew*

Looking at my options to ‘get back into comics’. Looking at the Amazon Kindle Fire HD I bought one Christmas for my Gramma. At the time, seemed like a great solution; I could buy her books, teach her how to us it, she can fight the onset of dementia by getting back into reading for pleasure, like she used to do.

But, she couldn’t adapt. I had to be in the room with her each and every time she used it. Never retained how it worked. Her arthritis didn’t help either. The way she had to hold, she would accidentally flip a whole bunch of pages really quickly. The auto-rotate feature hindered her more than helped. Only positive thing was adjustable text-size. She managed to read half od a Grisham novel, but just didn’t want to bother. *sadness*

So, I’ve had the thing. But I rely mostly on my smartphone for everything. The Kindle isn’t 4GLTE, it’s wi-fi only, so my phone has to be in hotspot mode to for me to get new books. Not a bad thing. I have Remender & Romita’s “Captain America: Castaway in Dimension Z” volume 1 on it. I think next payday, I’ll begin at least catching up on Cap comics via Kindle. Hope to branch out a bit.

EDIT: Aaaaand, stumbled across this! Love this stuff — http://jimshooter.com/2011/10/secret-origin-of-official-handbook-of_12.html/