“More ‘Roman’ Than ‘Christian’.”

Was listening to this week’s episode of “Invisibilia” called ‘Flip the Script’. Excerpt from the website: “In this episode we look at situation where someone flips the script – does the opposite of what their natural instinct is, and in this way transforms a situation. Usually when someone is hostile to us, we are hostile right back. The psychological term is “complementarity.” But then in rare cases someone manages to be warm, and what happens as a result can be surprising.”


Got me to thinking a lot several different paths, the usual ones for me to obsess over: God, Nature, Humanity.

I believe in God. But, I won’t get too far into my beliefs *of* God. My beliefs don’t line up well with anyone else, don’t adhere to strict tenets of established faiths. Definitely a personal hodge-podge.

For now, I will say, under my belief system: God made the “systems” of Creation (the ‘multiverse’ of Matter, Energy, Time, and Space, and all of the interactions that make it work) and Nature (system by which Life [at worst] survives and [at best] evolves, hopefully growing to become greater that the sum of its parts).

Creation doesn’t really need Life to do what it does. It’s indifferent to it. Some asteroid the size of Manhattan slams into the Earth? Nothing went wrong. Cause/effect chain. Meteor hits, closes one cause/effect link, starts a new link.

It was not a Good act by God, it was not an Evil act by God, it was simply the Celestial Machine running according to its ‘rules’.

Luckily, the meteor strike didn’t annihilate the system of Nature that had taken hold. After the dust settled and the atmosphere cooled back down, Life changed, adapted. We are here now.

Anyway, thinking about how the Human animal is still mostly running on instinct, and Reason — being a more actively or deliberately  applied thing — is still a kinda small part. 

Was wondering also how Love and Compassion evolved. Especially in the face of our own animal instincts to prefer aggression and physical strength and toughness, over reason, compassion, and love. Hostility rules us. 

Was thinking about this just this morning, early a.m. Had fallen asleep last night watching “Ghostbusters II” on AMC, but woke to “Making of the Mob: Chicago”, Al Capone and all that. When that show ended, an episode of  “The American West” featuring Billy the Kid.

“Aspire to greatness.” Have heard this term a lot. Wondering how many have achieved any degree of Greatness *without* having hobble or destroy other human beings to do so? 

The Romans built an Empire. Envy of the World. Aggression couldn’t sustain it forever. Reason and Industriousness combined with Compassion and Love could have, maybe. It lost it’s chance. Seems to me Aggression is energy-intensive, often detrimental in the long-term. Unsustainable. Easily becoming a tool for Evil.

“Make America Great Again.” What’s that mean?

Opinion: We are still great. We are still largely full of Love, Compassion, Reason and Industriousness. If Fear, Anger, and Frustration take hold, and we devolve into an aggressive state, we may plant the seeds of our own destruction.