DC Comics HeroClix Wish-List: The Cavalier (v1.1)

Upfront: I’m actually more of a “Marvel Zombie” (fan of Marvel Comics’ characters, like Captain America, Spider-Man, She-Hulk, etc.) than I am a “DC Drone” (fan of DC Comics’ characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash, etc.).

That said, I like both superhero genre narrative universes, and have deep affection for Batman and his “Rogues Gallery” of adversaries. (And The Flashes “Rogues Gallery” as well. Flash, Batman, and Spider-Man probably have the most diverse and ‘iconic’ selections, for individual heroes. After that, the villains that are left get ‘associated differently’; Captain America has come to ‘share’ a lot of his adversaries with Iron Man, SHIELD, and the Avengers in general.)

Anyway:The Cavalier! Apparently been a “Bat-villain since the 1940’s era. I’d never heard of him before encountering him in an anniversary is due of “Detective Comics” my cousin had, back in the mid-1980’s.

Cavalier was/is a simpler, mildly gimmicky villain. Main appeal is his swashbuckling air, and his personal code.

HeroClix: In this new Era of simpler dial design relying on standard power with *maybe* some “inflections of individual character” via Traits ability or Special Power, he could be fun. Not a meta-game changing power piece. Just simple to play and fun. A Traits ability, maybe, that grants the player victory points if he “role-plays” this wannabe in an “Error Flynn” fashion? Dunno.