First time I saw the Western “The Magnificent Seven”, the one from the 1960’s with Yul Brenner, I was a kid, watching on a UHF broadcast station. I liked it. It good.

Over a decade later, I’m in the army, stationed down in North Carolina. I rent a VHS cassette of “Seven Samurai”, and am blown away. This 1954 original was so much better than the old American Western. I still don’t pick up languages well, and can’t speak a word of Japanese, but I like speed-reading subtitles as I watch. Seriously. And I’m the kind of person who likes to re-watch movies from time to time. This movie always delivers for me.
Anyway, later, after I was out of the army and trying to make a civilian living, I snapped up the Criterion Edition DVD of “Seven Samurai”, as well as snagging other Kurosawa samurai flicks whenever I could. 

I bring all this up because of the new Western version coming out, the Denzel Washington version of “The Magnificent Seven” and I hope it’s good. Got a lot of actors I like to watch. But then, so do a lot of crap movies that I do my “apologist” thing for. I really, really hope this Magnificent Seven is smart, is good.

I’m definitely going to see it opening weekend. Crossing my fingers.