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HeroClix Wish-List: Mesmero! (Marvel)(v1.1)

Mesmerizing Mesmero! A green-skinned Mind-Controlling Marvel mutant and supervillain from Marvel Comics, often seen as an “X-Men villain” due to his association with Magneto (a robotic one anyway) and early frequent run-ins.

Sidebar: I’ve kinda gotten reticent to do these ‘Wish-List’ posts. Lately, when I finally remember a character I’d like to see make it into the game — Flag-Smasher, The Guardian, Blackbriar Thorn, for example — and make a post, I end up finding out they were already on their way in the next set.
I have a feeling with the Marvel HeroClix SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN coming out this week, then a DC Comics Joker/Bat-Villain set coming in November, then a Marvel HeroClix Deadpool/X-Men-ish set early 2017, seems like anything I could think of may already be on it’s way.

Anyway,…. Mesmero!   Dictionary.Com definitions, for reference: Mesmerism and Hypnosis. Also may be useful: Mentalism So, he’s not a telepath, not a ‘mind-reader’. He clearly has the comic-book style ‘psychic ability’ to stimulate some region of regions in a subject’s brain to make them incredibly susceptible to suggestion. That *has* to vary by individual, and since he’s been know to ‘stalk’ and ‘plan’, he must choose targets carefully.

How would this translate to HeroClix? Normally, I assumed he’d be designed as a kind of ‘vanilla Mind Control (standard power)’ piece. But, The Game Designers have been doing such a neat job of ‘representation’ of off-beat powers, would really like to see something other than “just MC’ and a modest range.

There’s plenty of Mind Control pieces to draw inspiration from, I suppose. The ASM016 Dracula, for example, uses “Mesmerized” tokens to ‘mark’ opposing characters that are now susceptible to Drac’s mind control. May be applicable here.