FACT CHECK: Clinton Lays Out Economic Plan In Contrast To Trump http://n.pr/2aTXDf7

(Moving this post “forward in time” to Thursday, so I can keep links to both speeches’ fact-checking in one ‘place’.)

I like what sheet has to say. Forward-looking, acknowledges and learns from the past. We’re moving forward.


EDIT (2017-08-11): the following was from Monday the 8th. —

FACT CHECK: Donald Trump Unveils His Economic Plan In Major Detroit Speech http://n.pr/2aDp0tY

FYI: I’m not anti-hydrocarbon (“fossil”) fuels, but I prefer the current “all of the above” energy strategy and the fostering of the renewable energy sources markets. Trump’s line about (paraphrasing) “using energy mined from American sources” had me philosophical, musing, “Is sunlight American, if captured by American solar panels? What about wind turning American windmills? If rainwater is collected behind a damn and used to turn American turbines to generate electricity, is it American water?”

I’m a Deist. I believe in God, but don’t believe God interacts. You are here, now. You are here to try to do good, and be good. After you die, your soul will be judged, for every thought and deed. 

There are times, however, I do wish God intercede. Slap Trump around for that “prosperity gospel” bull[stuff].