Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Mandrill & Nekra! (v1.1)

Although WizKids has been including more and more previously-UnClixed characters in recent sets [Thank You, WizKids, for all of the Serpent Society members that showed up in the Marvel HeroClix SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN set, released last week], can’t help but hope for more. 

Must be the 2016 Presidential election cycle, but I’ve been thinking lately of obscure, as-yet-UnClixed “mind-controlling” characters. Mesmero, Corruptor, and now,… The Mandrill! And you can’t really talk about Mandrill without talking about his one-time “High Priestess”, Nekra! (Well, you can, but, hey, “two birds, one stone” kinda thing.)

MANDRILL: Mutant human. Physically, the “The Beast” (Dr. Hank McCoy from the X-Men) in terms of strength (just over the “superhuman” threshold, able to lift/press 1 ton), dexterity, and agility, but with brown fur and a face like a Mandrill ape. Mentally, he has some “genius”, mostly in the organizational planning and tactics side. Bona-fide superhuman power: pheromones. Pheromones powerful enough to put most any human woman under his control.

NEKRA: Mutant human. “Vampiric” appearance, with chalky white skin, jet black hair, fangs, talons like fingernails and toenails. Two power sets: (1) Emotional/adrenaline based physical powers; when angered/enraged, she kinda “Hulks-Out”. She physically remains the same size and shape, but becomes more resistant to physical injury (has survived explosions of up to “100 pounds of TNT”), her physical strength hits the “Spider-Man range” (lift/press between 10 and 15 tons), and the sharp fangs and nails just get tough enough to start going through light armor.  (2) Under the Black Talon, she’s learned the Marvel Narrative Universe’s version of “Voodoo”, raising her own kind of “high-quality” zombie minions from time to time. Sometimes she’s costumed in barely-there ribbons of black, sometimes she’s wearing a kind of “Draculina” get-up, and still other times she’s in sheer fabrics and a lot “tribal/gypsy” jewelry, like she’s the High Priestess in the next Conan movie.

Both Mandrill and Nekra are very competent hand-to-hand fighters, mostly relying on natural abilities than formal training

Would love other see some special powers or Traits that enhance both of these characters when they are on the same team (the “optional Traits” that cost points would be appropriate). 

Nekra could have some sort of “Enraged” tokens based mechanic. As well as a Bystander “Voodoo Zombie” token power, maybe of the “once per game/at the beginning of the game” variety.

Mandrill? His Mind Control only works on normal human women and sometimes superhuman women. Pretty limiting, but also potential for theme-related, role-playing game-like antics for HeroClix’ otherwise purely tactical game play. Otherwise, “acrobatic brawler”.


EDIT II: To be clear about their back stories: Mandrill was born to white parents, Nekra to African-American parents. Both sets of parents had been exposed to unspecified chemicals and radioactive materials, as the result of a workplace accident, an explosion at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Both were eventually ostracized by parents and peers, and ran away, eventually falling into criminal activity.