“The Walking Dead” TV series. “Who did Negan kill in the season 6 cliffhanger?”

I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers and online discussion. After re-watching [EDIT: “re-watch ingredients”?! damn that ‘smartphone’ spellchecker!] the episode last night, and hanging around afterward for “Talking Dead”, can’t help but get back into speculation mode.

Back when the cliffhanger firth aired, I remember hinting on this blog that I thought that if they didn’t kill Glenn, they might have killed Maggie.

My only reasoning (associative as it was) was the cameos the actors playing Negan and Maggie had in the “Batman v Superman” movie. Thought it might have been a bit of sly foreshadowing, inside joke kinda thing.

On Talking Dead, though, the host mentioned the BvS scenes being shot way, way before that actor was cast as Negan. Yep. I probably wrong, but I keep thinking it would be a horrific twist, just like if Glenn was killed, it’d shake everyone’s sense of hope for a “normal world” again. I mean, I think Rick, Michonne, Karl, etc., can survive and help others survive, but “rebuilding the world”, I kinda invested in Glenn, Maggie, Daryl, Eugene, etc.

But, it is an “End of Days” horror/drama.

Otherwise: TV, everyone who ends up dead in the comics will probably end up dead sooner or later.

Which also makes me look sideways at the made-for-TV/not-in-the-comics characters like Daryl. Don’t know if Daryl’s success as a character inspired the creation of Dwight in the comics [timeline?], but Dwight and Daryl might not be able to share a place in TWD. And, Daryl’s death would hurt Rick and everyone. Daryl was a soul redeemed in a world gone to hell.

EDIT: Also, not sure of the personal politics or belief systems of Kirkman or any of the shows writers and whatnot, but the sci-fi/biblical apocalyptic/horror show has always had some sort of pseudo-Randian/Libertarian survivalist thing going on, IMHO. Does anyone else see Negan’s concept as some sort of “Atilla the Hun” or “Genghis Khan” thing? Conqueror, but more Taker than Maker?