Clix It Up – Doctor Octopus – HeroClix by Wizkids Games:

“Blasts from the Past” and some enticing commentary. Love seeing the old Spider-Bots again.

HeroClix Rules Addendum- Visible Dials – HeroClix by Wizkids Games:

Good stuff to know. 

… have to say….. I still would like to see some sort of ‘subscription service’ that I could buy into that would help ‘fund’ generation, correction, and revision of ‘digital’ HeroClix character cards, at least for all “superhero comics” sets, going back to the inaugural sets, Marvel’s INFINITY CHALLENGE and DC Comics’ HYPERTIME (both 2002, IIRC). Yes, I’ve talked ad nauseum about this before.

If they [WizKids] can’t do such a thing, would love to see every reason spelled out, see if there’s solutions or workarounds. 

I don’t understand why/how a fan-based website like HCREALMS.COM can have their “UNITS” sections, essentially documenting full dials of past HeroClix, but WizKids can’t create a regularly updated web/app-based resource/service for character cards.

Sidebar: re: Character Cards for clix characters from “pre-Character Card” sets: I’m assuming WizKids Game Design Team would be involved every step of the way. 

I don’t think/feel they’d have to publish cards for entire sets at once. ‘Benefit’ of pricing a subscription service: publish 2 to 10 cards per week, keep customers updating the app’s “library/inventory” every day, it’s a kind of thrill. 

It’s not only a way to document these pre-Character Card era pieces, including keywords, but also an opportunity to keep what’s on the dial official while “upgrading” these old pieces by adding “Ret-Con Traits”, either “free” or at a modest additional point value (considering the stat/power layout the piece already has).

Sidebar: re: “character card revisions versus ‘alternate cards'”: need a revision number system. Some cards may need corrections or clarification to language of special powers or Traits, or even revisions done with an eye towards rebalancing a character. Or other game element, like a Resource, Bystanders, or Special Objects.

Then there’s the possibility of alternate character cards: game play experiments is changing a characters Special Powers, Traits, or Improved game effects. Could be fun. Only usable under certain tournament formats.

Sidebar: re: ”

Sidebar: re: “crowd-sourcing”: get fans and other “tournament champions” of various levels involved. Probably just as important as a sustainable subscription model. 


Poker Chips. Love the “poker chips with character faces for use as action tokens or special game effects markings”.

But I’d love to see more Bystander Character Tokens done as “poker chips”. Especially if we could get “six packs” of them, especially of Bystanders produced by game effects and special powers by regular characters.