“Fear the Walking Dead”: 1st season was “okay”. First half of the 2nd season was “okay” [trending toward “better”]. Basically, I’ve liked the show better since they’ve been in Mexico. (Had hoped Daniel would make it further….)

EDIT (2016-08-29): Okay, IMHO, both the TV ‘modern reboot’ of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ (with its decidedly darker-than-the-original humanity-on-the-brink-of-extinction-largely-by-its-own-making) and the movie “I Am Legend” (a ‘scientific progress goes boink’ meets ‘apocalypse-by-contagion’ meets ‘post-apocalyptic humanity-as-food-for-mutant-humans’ tale, based loosely on a 1950’s novel involving a pandemic disease that turns people into vampire-like creatures), has made both AMC’s two “The Walking Dead” series and FX’s “The Strain” possible, as well as the “Planet of the Apes” reboot.

What’s my point to this post-addendum? A place to put Dr. Robert Neville’s “God didn’t do this, we did this” bit from IAL:

Robert Neville: “All right, let me tell you about your “God’s plan”. Six billion people on Earth when the infection hit. KV had a ninety-percent kill rate, that’s five point four billion people dead. Crashed and bled out. Dead. 

“Less than one-percent immunity. That left twelve million healthy people, like you, me, and Ethan. 

“The other five hundred and eighty-eight million turned into your dark seekers, and then they got hungry and they killed and fed on everybody. Everybody! 

“Every *single* person that you or I has ever known is dead! Dead! There is no god!”

Well, I personally don’t agree with the “there is no God” part (and it’s a great reflection of the character’s anger, frustration, and despair), I the pseudo-scientific statistical rundown. One bit of dialog helped sell me on it.

I was thinking about the “less than one percent on the population was immune” thing last night while watching “FTWD” and pondering how much longer the TWD series will continue to play science/Nature and supernatural/Biblical against each other before committing more heavily one way or the other.

(And, as with BSG and IAL, tilting more towards the “grounded” sci-fi angle doesn’t rule out spirituality/philosophical/religious tones, just gets us away more from the “Bible magic” feel it sometimes flirts with.)