IMO: U.S. Supreme Court doesn’t reflect modern American enough.

170-Plus Days And Counting: GOP Unlikely To End Supreme Court Blockade Soon http://n.pr/2cqjNUz

Just my opinion: Hard-line so-called Conservatives controlling the Republican party want to consolidate the nation under one ideology, and it’s not reflective of the Ideals of Secularism, of Pluralism reflected in our Constitution or Declaration of Independence, not in their rather limited scope they were adopted during the times and in the socioeconomic structures we had at the Founding, and definitely not in the very strong, advanced, aand continually-improving times and socioeconomic structures we live in today.

Merrick Garland represents a “Checks & Balance” the US SC needs between its Conservative and Liberal factions.

I get that t he Conservatives want to impose top-down rule according to their own narrow interpretation of Christ’s message (dumping moderating notions of Compassion and Charity, however, in favor of cutthroat “Survival of the Fittest” market-based hyper-efficiency, in order to capture wealth and positions of influence), using any means necessary, but I’m more than a little opposed to “single-player rule”….