Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Boomslang! (v1.1)

BOOMSLANG! A member of the Marvel Universe’s “supervillain trade union”/paramilitary contractor, the Serpent Society! Official Marvel.Com entry: Boomslang & Unoffical Marvel Universe Appendix: Boomslang

Basically, an Australian criminal hired by The Viper (nee Madame Hydra) when she attempted to infiltrate Sidewinder’s newly-formed Serpent Society for a rather ‘hostile takeover’. No superpowers, but very athletic, well-trained melee combatant, and throws ‘Serpent-Rangs’ (“s”-shaped boomerangs). They sometimes are described or depicted as sharpened ‘sickles’, but sometimes act like blunt weapons; I assume he has a selection of different types. I’ve only read his Mark Gruenwald Era appearances, but I don’t remember them being gimmicked-out with explosives or TASERs or anything; just flying bludgeons which, as common in comic books, came back to him, ignoring physics (such as loss of energy or deflection upon impact).

He’s named after a species of snake mostly found on the African continent: Boomslang-Snake-Of-Africa

Personally, I didn’t think much of him at the time. I don’t even remember him getting shot-up, then ‘retiring’ from the supervillain life. Like others Viper/Madame Hydra recruited, he had a couple of skills she needed, and seemed to have the ‘serpent theme’ shoehorned onto him for the infiltration of the SerpSoc.


“Dear Marvel”: I heard he’s appeared with the re-branded “Serpent Solutions”, fighting Sam Wilson (as Captain America) and a new Falcon (whom I also want to see clixed). My opinion: For Marvel the ‘identity’ of Boomslang could be one of those things that’s ‘passed around’ getting adopted by a series of wannabe-supervillains. The ‘original’, a guy named Marc Reimer, had his chance, and should either be retired or dead; should be someone new under the cowl, slinging Serpent-rangs. It would open up possibilities that occasionally someone with maybe low-ish level superpowers might be in that costume. the gimmick should always be the serpent-rangs, though, regardless of any superpowers a user of the identity might have. (I’ve tossed this idea out before: ‘legacy’ supervillain identities. Doc Ock will always be Otto Octavious, even if someone tries to use his name for awhile. Same with Green Goblin; Norman Osborn is GG, though and through, even without the mask. But ‘minor’ supervillains like The Silencer or Boomslang? The weapons and theme and identity might get passed around, especially if villains like Taskmaster, Red Skull, The Arranger, Kingpin, The Terrible Tinkerer, and maybe a few others are involved. Sometimes sold off from profit to some mook, other times as a misdirection by a particular ‘mastermind’….)

“Dear WizKids”: HeroClix: Would like two sets of stats on one dial, please. What fans (at least) have called “split-dial”, a multiple-starting line design seen on a few Clix from sets such as 2001’s Marvel HeroClix CAPTAIN AMERICA set’s “Countertop Display” subset.

He’s essentially a gimmick boomerang-throwing villain, we just haven’t seen too many trick boomerangs. Wouldn’t mind seeing some past special powers from past boomerang-throwers re-used on Boomslang. IF you give him the “SSSNEAK ATTACK” Trait as you’ve done for recent pieces, you might want to make it an optional Trait with a point value to pay to use (trying to represent his attempt to retire, as well as his being part of Viper/Madame hydra’s infiltration but staying with them after she was purged, as well as the fact that he may be an “excellent hand-to-hand fighter” but not a team player, and not taken as a serious threat by certain superheroes).