Marvel HeroClix “Wish-List”: Coachwhip! (v1.1)

Coachwhip! Have mentioned her before, as a member of the Serpent Society/Serpent Solutions. Her modus operandi is very much like The Constrictor. But, she lacks the body armor, and doesn’t seem as great in combat as Constrictor. I mean, she was agile, quick, and deadly accurate and precise with her weapons of choice. But, she relied on surprise, entangling opponents in her coils, and shocking them into unconsciousness. She could be aggressive and tenacious, but seemed to have a ‘glass jaw’.

Wish I could see more for her to do, but the recent Serpent Society pieces in Marvel HeroClix SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN provide for the “SSSNEAK ATTACK” Trait, and she’d be an Incapacitate-user designed for short-range, maybe two targets. IF they want to show her ‘surprise tactics’ another way, there’s Stealth, Shape Change, Energy Shield/Deflection. She’s still dangerous, just ‘fragile’. Could use a special power to ‘pull’ characters of a lower point value, but I don’t see her topping 60 points. Maybe focus on that Incapacitate, take inspiration from SFSM’s Cloak & Dagger, give her a printed damage value of zero while upping her attack value.

Wish I had better ideas for her.

Considering how many Serpent Society characters just showed up in SFSM, she’s probably already designed and on her way next year. I mean, why not?