Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Bullet (v1.1)

Well, over on, they have an “UnCLixed” article up about Marvel supervillain Nuke. I had completely forgotten about him. After getting rid of most of my comics (and with what’s left in storage), can’t really say if I still have his 1st appearance. I kinda kicked myself, what with being a huge Captain America fan, and his involvement in a couple of NUKE-stories. I should have cobbled together my own “HeroClix Wish-List” post on Nuke a long time ago.

No problem. Daredevil has plenty of obscure ‘rogues’. From the same 1980’s era when I was still picking up DD’s mag, comes: BULLET. (Sometimes, “Bullit”; I swear I’ve read it that way before, but maybe I’m conflating it somehow with the old Steve McQueen movie?.)


Anyway, power-level, he’s in the Spider-Man or Luke “Power Man” Cage range. Kinda fills the ‘street-level brute’ gap left when Marvel started making goons like Rhino more powerful and able to go toe-to-toe with the likes of the Hulk. Anyway, the Write-Ups.Org entry for him is great. Check it out.

Bullet could have one of those “move along a direct path” kind of twits on Charge or Hypersonic Speed. Traited Toughness. Might want to keep his damage no higher than 2, but make plenty of use of Super Strength and Close Combat Expert.

EDIT: Just realized how often i used the words “Bullet” and “Nuke” in this post, and hope DHS or NSA doesn’t wig-out over one nerdy superhero/supervillain blogpost….