Marvel HeroClix “Wish-List”: The Ani-Men! (v1.1)

Marvel Comics’ “The Ani-Men”! Frog-Man! (Not the same guy we just got in the recent SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN set.) Ape-Man! Cat-Man! Bird-Man! Dragonfly!


Bottomline: Usually a bunch of thugs. Otherwise normal humans, with varying degrees of skills and physical ‘power’ (agility, strength, endurance, resilience, etc.), wearing animal-themed ‘super-suits’ that provide various and limited enhancements. “power-levels” tend to vary by the writer’s needs for the story. I actually hope that, if they ever get made, WizKids Game Design can make them credible threats to our superheroes, without ‘overdoing it.”

TWIST for CLIX: Might be cool to make these characters ‘dual purpose’, like DC HeroClix 2012 “Storyline Organized Play” BATMAN: NO MAN’S LAND piece, NML007 The Penguin, which could be either a character, or a “Resource”.

It’d be cool to have “Ani-Men” super-suits that other characters could pick up and use, even after the character is KO’d, maybe…