Marvel HeroClix “Wish-List”: The Savage Land Mutates (v1.1)

The Savage Land Mutates! I’m very surprised that, with anything X-Men related being so successful for HeroClix, that we haven’t seen this bunch in an X-Men set.

writeups.org: Savage Land Mutates.

Will edit-in suggestions later today…..

EDIT (2016-09-23): Well, so much for “later today.” More like, “here and there, when I can.”

BARBAROUS: 7-ft tall, Toughness, four-sided Flurry, Super Strength special involving hold two Light Objects at the same time. Brute, brawler, straightforward. 

AMPHIBIUS: Extremely mutated human, frog-like. [Dolphin] movement symbol (for Swim), Leap/Climb special with +3 to movement, ‘Stealth while in water terrain’ special,….. fighting? He’s “Extreme Toad” (but not movie Toad).

BRAINCHILD: “big brain”. Not a “mind-controller” but a “super-genius”. Not necessarily a fighter, so, he’s the physically vulnerable source of Perplex, Outwit, maybe Probability Control, Enhancement, Empower, and *just maybe* specialized Mind Control targeting only friendly Savage Land Mutates. 

LORELEI: Mind Control, especially adept at enthralling males with her “singing”.

GAZA: 8-ft tall, Super Strength, Toughness and/or Invulnerable, blind with “radar senses”, *might* be a better fighter that Barbara’s.

PIPER: a Mind Controller, manipulating minds on hordes of smaller animals using sonics, generated by flute. Bonus to attack value we using MCU to target characters with Animal and Monster keywords. Bystander Token generator, BTs of various things he’s “summoned” before, like a “sea serpent”.

LUPO: “Feral.” Blades/Claws/Fangs, Charge, Combat Reflexes. Known to control certain animals, but rather than being a Mind Controller, he also could generate Bystander Tokens, maybe start the game with (x) number of wolves at his side.

EQUILIBRIUS: Low-level Psionic. When he makes eye contact, targets are Incapacitated with a sense of vertigo. Not physically robust; not really a physical fighter. Make him cheap and fragile with a natural damage never greater than 1 (maybe just zero, and a hobbling Traits that says the damage value can’t be replaced or modified?), but with an *obscene* range (old school = 12; modern design = 9), and a high attack value and Incapacitate? One Target. Unique. Sidestep, skirting the edges of a melee, “zapping” opponents already engaged? 4 clicks of Life, max.