Trump reminds Jane Goodall of male chimpanzees she’s studied – Women in the World (& NYT)

Finally. I finally understand why — even as a Republican — I have preferred Hillary over Trump, consciously as well as instinctively: Hillary’s the “more highly evolved” one.

EDIT (2016-09-25):

 ‘New York Times’ Editor: ‘We Owed It To Our Readers’ To Call Trump Claims Lies


Ten Signs You Might Be a Libertarian – Freakonomics Radio:
FWIW: I am not a Libertarian or a libertarian. I did go to the Libertarian website months ago, read the party platform, even printed it out. I found this episode of Freakonomics fascinating, but I’m still a Moderate/ Centrist Republican (pro-science and research, pro-civil rights, but want taxes kept as low as possible, for taxes dollars to be used wisely, and balancing oversight of markets).