“Should [We] Stay Or Should [We] Go?”

Intense New Airstrikes Reported In Aleppo; Fewer Than 30 Doctors Remain In City http://n.pr/2dhXxPA

Last thing the U.S. needs in expending more “blood and treasure” in the Middle East. (Wish I could properly remember my Sun-Tzu, about the effects of protracted campaigns draining military and public morale as well as draining the coffers).

But, what Assad is doing to his people is brutal, unjust. And with help from the Russians.

So, what do we do. “No Fly Zone”? Shoot down anything, no matter whose it is? Turkey doesn’t seem to want to help.

If there’s no “political solution” possible, and since Assad and his Russian allies are leveling Aleppo, what do we do? Declare Assad a war criminal, start leveling Damascus? Then, “see what happens”? WW3?

EDIT: Anyway, I wanted to excerpt this bit from the piece linked above-

Here’s how Wilkins discussed the effects of modern political boundaries on Aleppo:

“Following the first World War, there was an effort by indigenous peoples, namely the Arab people, to establish an independent Arab kingdom. However, the French asserted their control over Syria and basically drew lines that separated Syria from the modern republic of Turkey, and also created Iraq and Syria, so you have various new modern political boundaries that separated the city of Aleppo from its natural hinterland, that included southern Turkey today, as well as what is the city of Iskenderun or Alexandretta in Turkey. And then further to the east, it separated it from Mosul in Iraq, also an important sort of trading partner with Aleppo. So, it was in fact a cataclysm for Aleppo when those modern boundaries were drawn because its economic ties were severed.”