Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Shooting Star! (v1.1)

Marvel’s [under-used] Shooting Star! Personally, having only encountered her in the “West Coast Avengers” comics and the Official Handbooks back in the 1980’s, I didn’t know that in her initial appearances she could fly!

Opinion: They should have kept that! She doesn’t need to be as fast Northstar and/or Aurora, os as aerobaticly agile as The Angel. Maybe they could take a tack from Marvel’s “Golden Age” Miss America? Or, rather how “Golden Age” Miss America is interpreted these days, as a kind of “Telekinetic”, but specialized? I believe that Miss America’s “telekinesis” is “tactile” in nature; she needs to be ‘touching’ what she’s affecting. She flies by pushing against the air itself, she appears to have ‘superhuman strength’ when she touches something or someone and ‘lifts’ it. She only *appears* bulletproof, being able to affect the air around her and the speeding bullet together, stopping or deflecting it. [At least I think ‘psionics’ was the last interpretation of GA MA that I read. I supposed I should research; this involving comic books, it may have changes again…]

In Shooting Star’s case, she has to be in motion to begin using her telekinesis to make her fly, and she has a top speed, only a certain amount of protection while doing so, and can only do it for so long. Reasonable limitation for a super-character to work within, vulnerabilities that don’t ‘lock-out’ certain stories.

The sharp-shooting can still be all “Shooting Star, a skill and a talent she works at, something she tries to do without the benefit of TK. And, not only is she an amazing trick-shot, she has used specialized ammo, similar to what some of the “archers” like Hawkeye get up to. [Hmmm,… Maybe those Colt .45’s should become Taurus “Judge” or “Public Defender” pistols??]