A History of Manufacturing in 5 Objects – BackStory with the American History Guys


Interchangeability. Economies of Scale. Globalization. Market Cycles. “Peak Stuff.”

No doubt in my mind we need to rightsize our spending in the area of national defense. We pay through the nose, and we have the best, the biggest military in the world. Unfortunately, we’ve spread it so thin, it may be losing effectiveness. 

And the “homeland’s motherboard” needs an upgrade. We can’t spend what we need at home, and increase military spending. 

Homewise, I think we’ve reached “peak stuff.” We will always need our manufacturing sector. But, we need new goals.

“Moonshots.” Moonbasing. Marsbasing. Scientific research, pushing back boundaries, expanding frontiers. Infrastucture of every type. 

National defense will continue, as will international diplomacy, trade, and espionage. I just think we can stabilize, or even reduce, spending. Get more, more effectively, for less.

We’re still improving American culture, as we improve society. We’re still spreading Americanism.

But, we need to improve our foundations and expand our frontiers at the same time.