Looking forward to the season premiere of “The Walking Dead” tonight. This post is a “placeholder”. 

You know, I do love ABC’s [Marvel’s] “Agents of SHIELD”, and for a “traditional broadcast network” ABC has done a good job. Tries to up the ante.

But, AMC’s “The Walking Dead”? Haven’t felt like this about a TV show since the modern “Battlestar Galactica”. 

(Crap. I just realized i missed last Tuesday’s AoS….)

EDIT: rewatching the previous season’s cliffhanger. been wondering for awhile if Maggie’s sudden medical emergency, necessitating the trip to Hilltop, was the result of poisoning. The Saviors were so well prepared. Did Spencer or Enid betray the group? 

EDIT II: less than 15 minutes to go….

EDIT III: man….