HeroClix Previews of the Week of 2016-11-04

DC HeroClix: The Joker’s Wild! – The Joker – HeroClix by Wizkids Games: http://heroclix.com/heroclix/dc-heroclix-the-jokers-wild/dc-heroclix-jokers-wild-joker/

DC HeroClix: The Joker’s Wild!- The Penguin – HeroClix by Wizkids Games: http://heroclix.com/heroclix/dc-heroclix-the-jokers-wild/dc-heroclix-jokers-wild-penguin/

DC HeroClix: The Joker’s Wild!- Fast Forces Part I – HeroClix by Wizkids Games: http://heroclix.com/heroclix/dc-heroclix-the-jokers-wild/dc-heroclix-jokers-wild-fast-forces-part/


Sights Unseen Again 

Just got out of the 3pm 3D matinee of “Doctor Strange”. Mind-bending fun. Draws from Marvel’s past stories, tells its own story, sows elements for future stories. Wonderful, fantastic stuff.

EDIT: Decisions, decisions. Would like to see another movie this weekend. “Hacksaw Ridge”? Looks great. Love historically-based movie, especially when faithful to the source, which is what i hear about HR.

FROM NPR NEWS: The Real ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ Soldier Saved 75 Souls Without Ever Carrying A Gun http://n.pr/2f5I1oP


*Might* just wait on that, though, see Doc Strange again. Loved its “Philoso-Fu”. 

(Being a bit of an NPR/PBS junkie, i get a daily dose of Real Life News and Current Events. So, when I have a chance to see something like DS, i take it.)