FYI: 2016 and your vote for POTUS 

How Does the Electoral College Work? |

FROM NPR NEWS: How Does The Electoral College Work And Is It Fair?


“This American Election Season”

[WARNING: “Morphing Post”]



IMPRESSIONS: Facts in Context revealing Truth no longer matters to Humanity [in the U.S. it seems]. Partisan facts within an Partisan Narrative maintaining Adversarial Truth reign supreme. EDIT: Was just introduced to the term “Patriotic Correctness” as a counter to “Political Correctness”. *shudder*

Love the song at the end, “Seriously?”

“Will I Know Anyone At This Party?”

“Master of Her Domain”

Catching up on episodes of “This American Life”. So, so, glad I have already voted. But, not tired of examining it, dissecting my own disgust as I go.