Homage to Women’s Suffrage 

At Susan B. Anthony’s Grave, Visiting Hours Extended For Election Day Crowds http://n.pr/2fdknsZ



Thinking about The Walking Dead. Daryl takes a swing at Negan in the season 7 premiere, Daryl gets wrestled to the ground, Dwight almost puts a crossbow bolt in his head until Negan has him back off. Negan a comment about Dwight.

Negan also makes a comment to Rick about how ‘brave’Daryl is compared to someone he knows. I  thought that Negan was taking a jab Rick, but he may have been talking about Dwight. 

Episode 3 last Sunday, Negan’s monologue to Daryl with Dwight standing there, recounting the little three way bargain made to to keep Dwight and his wife alive. Weird vibe.

Way Negan talks, sound like he wants Daryl to be more than just a soldier. Daryl deliberately fails Negan’s test, Dwight takes him back to his cell.

Daryl tells Dwight he understands why Dwight does what he does, because Dwight “thinking about someone else” [Dwight protecting his wife by working for Negan]. Daryl says he failed the test because he’s also trying to protect someone else.

Who exactly? Rick, and the rest of the Alexandrites? Or Dwight? (I had the feeling, if Daryl had passed the test, Negan would have had him kill Dwight, right there.)


Thinking about the Polaroid picture Dwight put in Daryl’s cell, looked like Glenn after his bashing. Negan basically telling Daryl, “You got your friend killed.” 

Made me think of Glenn and Heath during that raid on one if Negan’s groups. One guy they killed had a wall of those. At the time, figured it was that guy’s ‘kills’. Might have actually been the guy’s loved ones killed by Negan, before the guy finally caved to Negan. 

I hope we get more of Negan’s backstory, or the TV version of it. Too bad they couldn’t have done a Negan pre- and post-outbreak before doing last Sunday’s episode. 

We’ll see. 

Still wondering what the “Final Destination” will be for the series as a whole, too, and when. The show see-saws from “balls-out” to “understated.” Uneven, sometimes, in pace. Worried it’ll ‘jump the shark’ this season.