“Come Together Right Now”

How far back does the phrase “we need to come together now” in relation to the aftermath of a Presidential election? And has it ever worked? For either Republicans or Democrats?

The Republicans hated Bill Clinton. Dug as far back into his past as possible, made mountains out of every mole hill they found. (And Bubba helped them out by his infidelity.)

Democrats hated George W. Bush, and everything he did or tried to do.

Republicans hated Barack Obama, and everything he did or tried to do..

At every point I remember hearing the call to “come together.”

Considering the grievances both sides have with each other, if no one is stressing finding common ground and working together to find solutions to common problems, even compromising where we can, “come together” tends to sound like “Kneel before Zod.” Or, if you prefer a more recent pop-culture reference, “Bring me my ax!”