“One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?”

From NPR News: In Meeting At White House, President-Elect Trump Calls Obama ‘Very Good Man’ http://n.pr/2fo1dhC

…..”Surreal.” Yeah. 

Hoping we progress forward as a nation. Future in doubt….

Welcome to the Second Redemption – The Atlantic: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/11/welcome-to-the-second-redemption/507317/


Cracked Sez: “Don’t Panic”


One of the guys over on the Politics Forum I frequent posted a link to the above.

I’m a Moderate/ Centrist Republican. I voted for Kasich in the primary, then Hillary in the general. (With one exception, i voted for Republicans down-ballot.)

After all of Trump’s rhetoric on the campaign trail, I still really, really don’t trust the guy.

But, we work with what we have.