Thank you for protecting my Freedom.

I forgot to post yesterday, wishing all former and current U.S. military personnel a Happy Veterans Day. 

Happy Veterans Day.


I will not apologize. I forgot, plain and simple. i am a little angry that some like to insinuate I am deliberately insulting all veterans by having forgotten. I served, 6 years [edit: i never saw combat, just to be clear]. I have no intention of insulting veterans. 

People just amaze me. My blog, my hobby. Get some perspective, please.


EDIT: I also get a little upset when people who know I’m a veteran can’t believe that on Veterans Day that I don’t go for these free meals that some restaurants have.

I believe: I never saw combat, I am not one of the many homeless veterans, nor do i live in poverty. I am unworthy of a free meal. ESPECIALLY when there are so many homeless and starving veterans that need help on a daily basis.