Future of Medicare?

Paul Ryan’s Plan to Change Medicare Looks A Lot Like Obamacare http://n.pr/2fRMXjS

Excerpt: “What you’ve got here is a group of people who are very sick, poor, and often cognitively impaired one way or the other,” Aaron says. “Tossing people like that into a health care marketplace and saying, ‘Here, go buy some insurance,’ is a recipe for problems.”

Sounds like “market-assisted natural selection” or something. I guess I get the underlying Conservative movement theory: although Jesus says we should take care of the the sick, the poor, the aged, and such, it just costs too much real money. I mean really, Jesus had it easy because people just didn’t live as long, #amiright? [/sarcasm]

I don’t know. Is Ryan’s plan the right thing to do?



Clinton Campaign Says It Will Participate In Recount Efforts:


Bottom line: Needs to be done even if — especially if — it doesn’t change the outcome of the election.

Trump kept repeating during the campaign that if he didn’t win, then the whole system was rigged.

Doubts about the integrity of our system, including any peaceful transfer of powrt, relies on him being ptoven wrong.

He’s proven to be a double-talking ass. We the People need it affirmed that there was zero shenanigans either way.

He needs to understand that. 

He also needs to understand he is now an elected official, of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. He, Donald Trump, has never had so many bosses over him.

He deserves his chance to serve as President, but he will be held to account. He’ll have 2 to 4 years.

I will only support, as an individual, what he does if I think it is Just or the only available solution to a major problem. 

Also: He is not the Messiah-King, annointed by God. 

Here on Earth we have Free Will. After an individual’s death, you are judged by God. Every thought and action is judged. 

He’s chosen to lie, lie, lie. Upon this mortal coil, he has achieved Earthly success and wealth through such actions. But, he can’t buy salvation. Does he understand?

soliloquize: Dictionary.com’s Word of the Day

Word of the Day – soliloquize: to talk to oneself. http://www.dictionary.com/wordoftheday/2016/11/27 at Dictionary.com

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(I have to think that what hits i do get to this blog are “accidental”, because all I’m doing here is “soliloquizing”….)

EDIT: Studio 360: “All Shakespeare All the Time”

Excellent episode of Studio 360 today, I’d never heard it before. I usually only listen with half an ear to any NPR programs that start to go too ‘artsy’ for me; usually, I perk up when the piece I’m listening to ties art into human evolution or the sciences or some aspect of the history of civilization.

This hour on Shakespeare? I was riveted.