Future of Medicare?

Paul Ryan’s Plan to Change Medicare Looks A Lot Like Obamacare http://n.pr/2fRMXjS

Excerpt: “What you’ve got here is a group of people who are very sick, poor, and often cognitively impaired one way or the other,” Aaron says. “Tossing people like that into a health care marketplace and saying, ‘Here, go buy some insurance,’ is a recipe for problems.”

Sounds like “market-assisted natural selection” or something. I guess I get the underlying Conservative movement theory: although Jesus says we should take care of the the sick, the poor, the aged, and such, it just costs too much real money. I mean really, Jesus had it easy because people just didn’t live as long, #amiright? [/sarcasm]

I don’t know. Is Ryan’s plan the right thing to do?