6 Ways to Fix The Walking Dead – Today’s News: Our Take | TVGuide.com


Can’t argue with any of the points made in that TVGuide article. Hope the show takes notice. 

Heck, I hope Marvel/ABC/Disney takes notice. I’ve been falling asleep watching “The Walking Dead” and “Agents of SHIELD”. The shows attract me with promising characters and hooks. Dangling eye-candy. But, getting slow, predictable, losing “tension”. (Movies, too. I like “Doctor Strange”, but it was a ‘simple’ origin story.)

EDIT: I’m really liking that article’s suggestion of diverting from the comics more.

Thing is, out of the characters on the show, would hate to lose Michonne, Judith, or Eugene. For me, all three represent hope for the future, for the group and for humanity. I actually think/feel the same way about Maggie, Morgan, King Ezekiel, Carol, and Daryl. 

But, it’s “The Walking Dead”, which makes it mostly about Rick and Carl, the two characters AMC would never kill. I assume. Everyone else seems expendable compared to them. Rebuilding civilization, in a way, needs the others I mentioned. Possibly more than it needs to Ricks of the world. Hell, Negan and The Governor are and were versions of Rick, of what Rick could become. In a way, Shane was also what Rick could have become.