From NPR News

Scientists Race To Preserve Climate Change Data Before Trump Takes Office http://n.pr/2hG5MrN

Ex-EPA Chief Criticizes Scott Pruitt, Trump’s Choice To Head The Agency http://n.pr/2gzC5nq

Department Of Energy Defies Trump, Won’t Name Climate Change Workershttp://n.pr/2gxLP1i


Trump And Technology Executives Try To Reconcile Rough Relationship http://n.pr/2gC9Ggh

At least there’s something potentially positive:

To Fight Malaria, Scientists Try Genetic Engineering To Wipe Out Mosquitoes http://n.pr/2hkPd0z


EDIT: Should Trump Foes See Tillerson At State As Last Straw Or First Ray Of Hope?http://n.pr/2gyiMe2

Aside from the above piece, this mornings Marketplace had commentary that Tillerson may be pro-carbon tax or carbon credit exchange system. I’m cautiously hopeful.