Just posted the following mini-rant over on a ‘politics forum’ I go to everyday. I’ve tried to keep from posting too much there (I annoy a lot of people over there), but I’ve been bursting at the seems lately, and had to ‘expel’ some opinion-rage. My comments are after the comments from others about other topics under discussion at the time.


malakim2099: Hey, it’s not just NC, it looks like the House GOP decided to [URL=”http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/02/politics/office-of-congressional-ethics-oversight-of-ethics-committee-amendment/?iid=ob_mobile_article_footer_expansion”%5Dgut the independent ethics commission[/URL] and put them under the authority of the Ethics Committee. That’s not going to cause all sorts of problems, now is it…

Gargantua: Looks like they’re backpedaling on that now.

CrimsonDynamo: Hard to save face when your [party’s] president-elect tweets in opposition to you.

[My rantings ensue:]

It was a stupid thing to do.
Everyone deserves ‘due process’, but that should mean reform that keeps the body independent.
It looks like a preemptive, corrupt attempt to keep from being investigated for any reason, removing a ‘check’ on power.

As is getting pointed out a lot lately, a lot of lower-income individuals in rural areas (19 million??) that now have healthcare coverage as a result of ObamaCare may lose it under any sort of “repeal and delay” Conservative strategy.

I get that the market-based Libertarian Conservatives want the poor and chronic-condition sick to either pull themselves up by their boot straps or just die off in the most evolutionarily efficient manner possible, but what about the Judeo-Christian Conservatives? Isn’t something like ObamaCare, in getting healthcare to those that need it, and requiring that everyone ‘pitch in’ in a sense, consistent with values of Charity, Love, and Compassion?

If it’s the usual ‘the money matters more than the people” worries about cost [the same kind of cold-hearted thinking that had that radical Jewish Rabbi and carpenter Jesus table-flipping the money-exchangers stalls on the temple steps], surely under our Constitutional system (which the Founders originally designed in an attempt to get opposing sides with common interested together to do a little compromise and problem-solving) we can hammer-out some cost-saving solutions without depriving taxpaying, voting citizens of access to affordable healthcare? Meaningful healthcare, not ‘healthcare in name only’?

I try to be a ‘Moderate/Centrist Republican’. In 2006, I voted against a Republican Senator I liked, in an attempt to ‘send a message’. Seems like back then, only that Senator got the message, but he was also out of office as a result. [I was happy to vote for the guy again for a state-level office. I’ll be happy to vote for him when he runs for governor.]

Would like to remind the hardline “Conservative” Republicans who are high on Victory right now that what they do and how they behave between now and the mid-terms will affect whether or not the citizen-voters turn out to send another 2006-style message in 2018…