Well, missing the opening weekend of “Hidden Figures”. But, next weekend is a payday weekend, so next Saturday after work, that’s what I’ll be doing. 

This weekend? Work yesterday, staying in from the cold and watching my “The Martian” Extended Edition today.

EDIT (2017-01-15): Well, another Sunday evening. Busy day for Gramma, what with the friend’s birthday party, a slew of senior activities, i just took her for a walk (she’s not out of that wheelchair enough, needs all the exercise she can tolerate), now we’re doing “voice/breathing therapy” exercises. 

Second weekend for me missing ” Hidden Figures”. But, personal budget is fine, so, next weekend, hopefully. 

One thing I’ve never done with any cell or smartphone I’ve ever own is download music. About time I checked oit my Google Music app on this phone, downloaded this song from “Hidden Figures” I’ve heard on the radio a couple of times.

Hm. I haven’t bought a CD in years now. There are a lot of individual songs i shpuld buy. Just heard about the band Disturbd’s version of an old Simon and Garfunkel song today. …