The Sound of Ideas: SOI: Electronic Health Records; Reporter Roundtable, Statehouse Update | ideastream

Wants to save a link to my blog here. Local NPR affiliate, WCPN’s “Sound of Ideas”, segment dealing with electronic medical records: Getting doctors and nurses to record information accurately; tracking and recording changes; trying to consolidate an individual’s medical records (all your doctors and every institution will have its own records on you if they provided service to you, but the often can’t readily, speedily, safely, or securely share your info to help you); trying to “partition” or “compartmentalize” info so the patients’ privacy is guarded, but information can still be used for medical research.

Love stuff like this. 

Trying to balance “needs of the many” (advancing Civilization) with the individual’s “inalienable rights”.

Looking forward to SOI’s program this com I ng week, about “green civil engineering” projects involving water supplies, treatment, and possibly hydro and wind power projects in Northeast Ohio.