“I will be president for all Americans.”

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump. But, you work with what you have. 

What I learned about him from the long 2016 campaign, as a citizen/taxpayer/voter:

He focuses on goals. He’s always played every angle. Half of what he says seem like boldface lies, but I’ve a hard time believing *anything* he says.

He complained that if he lost, the whole system is rigged. Then, he won. The Electoral College votes, anyway.

After seeing every aspect of every POTUS’ public and private life put under an electron microscope all my life, i find his current accusations of a ‘witchhunt’ against him disingenuous. 

Every trick he pulled and got away with to become a top dog in the private sector, and what he pulled during the campaign, may be counter-productive now. Maybe. 

All I know is: I can’t trust anything he says. And he takes the Oath of Office soon.

This’ll be a rough 4 to 8 years.

EDIT: Bottom line, and I’ve said this before, Donald Trump has never had so many bosses. He’d better learn fast.

(I’m a Republican, but *NOT* a ‘Conservative’.)