The Game Has Changed – On The Media – WNYC: http://www.wnyc.org/story/on-the-media-2017-01-13

IMO, an excellent episode. The best segment was the “Taxonomy” on Trump Tweets, breaking down how Trump plays the media and the general public, with the help of a “cognitive linguist”. Trump’s “tactics”, in so far as framing and distraction goes, the manipulations.

EDIT: Concerning Trump’s use of the term “Nazi” this past week, to paint the U.S. intelligence community: I’ve always interpreted Trump’s lies, distortions and half-truths as “propoganda”. His constantly whipping up the White Supremacists and other “far right” elements during the 2016 campaign, all the “propoganda”, his tactics were closer to the Nazis, in my layman’s opinion. Together, they were why I didn’t trust him then, and don’t now. 

On top of all of that: Trump’s adherence to the “prosperity gospel”, that God rewards people with material wealth. Seems like taking God’s name in vain to me, always has. Sins of avarice, lust, pride, envy.