Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” I just realized today (Sunday, 2017-01-29) that I’d completely missed the start of the second half of season 4 (restarted 2017-01-10, apparently).

Ugh. I’m not going to try to watch on my smartphone. I don’t have a desktop PC or a laptop at home, much less internet access (apart from my phone). I don’t have the time to watch while at work, at my workstation PC (obviously). I have browsed the DVD section at Wal*Mart, but don’t remember seeing season-sets. [Note to self: You did see season-sets for The Flash that you wanted to pick up next payday weekend….] To my knowledge, and browsing, they don’t have a ‘re-run marathon’ type thing like AMC does with “The Walking Dead”.

And with ‘net neutrality’ under threat anyway from the Trump administration, I probably won’t be able to afford any sort of streaming/download service at home anyway.

Similar thing happened with Marvel’s “Agent Carter”. And I’ve never seen any of the cool NetFlix Marvel shows I’ve heard about. Unsure of what my options are, affordable options.

EDIT: Thinking…. I’ve missed every episode of “GOTHAM” since the middle of season 2. Only caught a half-dozen episodes of “The Flash”, even less of “Arrow”.

I’m really bad at ‘appointment viewing’, *except* with Sunday night TWD (the wind-down of the weekend, spool-up to the work-week). But, I do catch a lot of Marvel movies (and other sci-fi/fantasy/thriller stuff), if not fully at least partially, thanks to AMC, FX, and SyFy (sometimes TBS, too). Again, wonky family and blue-collar schedules.

I hate to continue to keep buying DVDs, like I do for “Game of Thrones”; I keep expecting DVDs to die-off completely. Of course, the ‘death’ of ‘net neutrality’ may prolong the existence of DVDs.