From NPR News: With Climate Change, California Is Likely To See More Extreme Flooding

My 2 cents: The way we transfer, and process, water needs to be re-engineered nationwide. It’s an aspect of our infrastructure that’s fundamental, foundational to Civilization in general, intrinsically intertwined with agricultural, energy, and manufacturing industries at all levels.


From NPR News: Trump Aims To ‘Eliminate’ Clean Water Rule

IMO: Not a good idea.

Advertisements Mildred Dresselhaus, Queen of Carbon and Nanoscience Trailblazer, Dies at 86

Advice From Patients On A Study’s Design Makes For Better Science

From NPR News: 71 Degrees In February: Temperatures In Boston And Buffalo Rewrite Record Book


From NPR News: Should Scientists March? U.S. Researchers Still Debating Pros And Cons

(Being pro-science, appreciative of the impacts science, art, technology have all had on Human Civilization, i think it’s a good question.)


Astronomers Find 7 Earth-Size Planets Around A Nearby Star

(Unlikely to have conditions that would support human life, if we could even get there, it’s still incredibly cool.)

Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool & X-Force – Hulkpool | HeroClix:

Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool & X-Force – Pulp Deadpool | HeroClix:

CRAZY EIGHTS! Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool & X-Force – Shifting Focus | HeroClix:

“Welcome to the Digital Plantation….”

From NPR News:

Facebook Wants Great Power, But What About Responsibility?

Welcome to the Digital Plantation, where Master Zuckerberg, our Munificent Dictator — and his annointed Overseers want Happily Willing Slaves for Eternal Exploitation. [/sarcasm]

I want my privacy back, and don’t know how we’ll get it. Traditionally, Business has trended towards Alpha-Autocratic types, part of the Natural Order, the Evolutionary Influence of “Survival of the Fittest”. Can only hope that Federalism and Democratic-Republican principles can hold that in check, balance and rebalance things out, promoting meaningful innovation and growth, instead of a cancerous growth of “Rent-Seekers”, and the regression that can bring to Civilization. 

DC Comics HeroClix: Superman vs. Muhammad Ali Convention Exclusive! | Wizkids

Okay, I managed to completely miss this announcement. Very cool design work. 

*sigh* And it looks like it’ll be hard for me to get. Nutz. But, that’s what eBay is for.

I actually have a tattered “Treasury Edition” version of the comic, bought it at a flea market back in the 1980’s. Man, what memories.

‘You Look Like Them And Sound Like Us’: Charley Pride’s Long Journey In Country Music : NPR:

Going Country: The Surprising Success Of Country Music – 1A:

Color Lines – BackStory with the American History Guys:

Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool & X-Force – Princess Python | HeroClix:[711549f7944b1e8ff68]/0

Excellent update to a character we haven’t seen in clix since the Marvel ULTIMATES set

Marvel HeroClix: Cable & Stryfe | HeroClix:

UPDATES (2017-02-17):

Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool & X-Force – Orphan | HeroClix:

Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool & X-Force – Marrow | HeroClix: