From NPR News: Three Years After A Car Bomb Damaged It, Cairo’s Islamic Art Museum Reopens

Speaking as a ‘Melting-Pot Deist’ who likes to see cultural art preserved for study and appreciation by future generations, I say “Excellent.”



So, I’m at work (on a Sunday) trying to catch up on paperwork (so i can actually build on Monday,  rather than get ‘trapped’ at my desk), and remember, “Holy Smokes, I still have a case of DC Comics HeroClix THE JOKER’S WILD back at my humble adobe that I never opened!” That’s from November. 

Then I think, “Man, what’s due to come out next?!” Been so busy with work and parents/grandparent stuff, it just hit me that it’s February already.

I’m getting ready to shutdown and packnit in, so I bop on over to the HeroClix site and find a WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF. Holy Moley, a lot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HeroClix *and* a Marvel preview that get me woody —

Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool & X-Force – Swarm | HeroClix:

Blammo! Lovely, deceptively ‘simple’ design, dial to sculpt. Simply wonderful.

Emailed a local vendor to reserve 2 cases.

I need to decide on the other TMNT stuff soon, too. In or out?