Marvel HeroClix Avengers/Defenders War- Man-Thing | HeroClix

Marvel HeroClix Avengers/Defenders War- “Giant-Sized” Man-Thing | HeroClix:


From NPR News: Elon Musk Seen Targeting Human-Computer Link In New Venture

Launch, Land, Launch — SpaceX Tries Reusing Its Rocket

Scientists Who Want To Study Climate Engineering Shun Trump

A Surprising Explanation For Why Some Immigrants Excel In Science

Measuring The Impact Of Rolling Back Environmental Regulations

Proposed Budget Cuts Slash Funding For Great Lakes Clean-Up : NPR:

Trump Takes Aim At A Centerpiece Of Obama’s Environmental Legacy : The Two-Way : NPR:

House votes to restrict EPA’s use of science | TheHill:

How much does science knowledge influence views on climate, energy? | Pew Research Center:

HeroClix 2017 Rules 12: Reader Feedback! And Rules Tweaks! | HeroClix

HeroClix 2017 Rules 12: Reader Feedback! And Rules Tweaks! | HeroClix:

WOW. ZOMG. Changes just keep coming.

The revised-revised rule concerning heavy objects and line of fire is even simpler. Too bad about Hide. Q: could Hide reappear as a Tiny symbol ability for line of fire to Tint characters thru light objects?

Mind Control: i actually think there should be feedback damage. But, chance it, via a die roll. 1 in 6 for one target, 2 in 6 for 2 targets, etc.; *successfully hit* targets, that is.

Cool stuff, tho.

EDIT: Concerning ‘Mind Control‘ —

Back when I used to at least frequent the “General Discussion” forum on (instead of lurking about the “U.S. Politics” forum or just reading articles and fiddling about the UNITS section), one of the most-frequent laments about Mind Control was that you had to first successfully hit your MC target (s), then your “thrall” had to try to hit another targeted character.

Maybe WizKids Game Design Team could play with that instead? The way they have it worded now for 2017 is great. But maybe allowing the MC’er either a +1 during the MC ‘attack’ would help ease the transition? Or, allowing the MC’er a choice of either modifying his attack, or if he successfully hits without using modifiers, the “thrall’s” attack roll gets the modifier?

Hmmm. How to word it…?

EDIT (2017-06-03): Spelling corrected, one missing word added, tages added, ‘color change’ made; nothing else.

Marvel HeroClix Avengers/Defenders War- Porcupine | HeroClix:[d1a28ebd855feda70b1]/0

Great to finally see Porcupine! (The various verions of the batttlesuit have a lot of offensive capabilities, though, so i hope they reuse the sculpt and come out with a version with range and other standard powers. I’M NOT COMPLAINING. Thank you, WizKids!)

Also, i forgot to post the GotGv2 preview, and can’t get to WK’s post for some reason, so here’s the character pic —

mumpsimus: Word of the Day from

That’s an interesting word.

Might as well say, “see also; politician”.

If something good *mostly* works and can be fixed, shouldn’t you fix the non-workinf parts? Make it more efficient, do its job better?

Of course, if you object to thus things that is mostly working, object to its very existence, i guess you stick to “It’s not working, it’s horrible, it’s going to implode/explode, you just watch!” and then go about finding ways to sabotage it.

Unscientific. Possibly not in the best long-term strategic interwsts of either the Public or the State (which together might form this thing a Federal Democratic-Republican Commonwealth).

So, Valentine’s Day 2017, first date with a wonderful woman, first “non-date” date for me in over a decade. (“Non-date date” was a way of alleviating the “pressure”, but really, it was a date.)

Lead to more “non-date dates”, thankfully. One shall happen tonight. She’s a vegetarian, used to be a Vegan. Likes going every year to this “Vegan Banquet” thing. She invited me. I thought, “cool adventure” and said “Sounds good.”

I’m actually excited. As a mid-40’s male “meat and carbs” addict that gave up on working out about the time he gave up on dating, but who’s done pretty well the past few years of scaling back on carbs and getting more actually nutritious vegetables  (and even some fruit) into his diet, seemed like a good thing to do, and i was given the opportunity by a lovely lady i have affections for. Closest thing to a “no-brainer” decision I’ve ever made. 

Curious thing: both my Mom and a female friend at work, upon being told what I’m doing tonight, remind me to “Keep an open mind” amd/or “stay positive”.

??? Well, yeah. Kinda had an open mind when i agreed to it.

Just because on the surface I’m perpetually dour, grouchy, and suspicious of people in general, doesn’t mean i don’t hold hope in my heart, or have completely given up on either social interaction or ‘new’ experiences. Thank for caring, though. 

FYI: I reserved/ordered the entire left-side of the menu. My paramour ordered the right-side, except she wemt left for course 4. 

Looking forward to her, looking forward to this.

Obamacare: The Republican Waterloo – The Atlantic

Obamacare: The Republican Waterloo – The Atlantic:

One of my “internet compatriots” over on the HCRealms’ “U.S. Politics” forum I frequent suggested i read the article linked to above. It was a good read. 

I am of the mind that universal access to affordable quality healthcare is crucial to our survival, as the American permutation of human civilization. Please re-read the last 4 paragraphs after you finish reading the whole article.

Also, will link the following as well, for its insights on the conflicting juxtaposition of human behaviors of deliberate, scientific Reason and more basic, emotional instincts rooted in Survival — 

What a Gay, Muslim, Pakistani-American Immigrant Learned Traveling to Rural Alaska the Week Before the Election:

I guess sometimes being a single person can have a ‘perk’, of a sort. 

After getting ‘home’ after helping out my Gramma at the facility, fell asleep in a chair. Hadn’t even changed clothes. Woke up around 2:30am, surfed cable, landed on TCM showing “A Clockwork Orange”, followed by “Soylent Green”. Old favorites, sci-fi playing with social issues. No need for huge action set-pieces. Love ’em. 

EDIT: Lost my own point, which was: i don’t think a living with a significant other/family would have tolerated (1) falling asleep in such a way, or (2) waking up, changing, and then watching TV for awhile before going back to bed. 

HeroClix 2017 Rules 11: Probability Control | HeroClix

1) Simply can’t complain about the change to Probability Control. It makes sense, and is easier to use.

2) Loved this bit: “Ideally every standard power in HeroClix should be able to stand on its own and have useful and interesting things to do without needing to combo with other powers.”  “So say we all” and “Amen” to that.

Dear WizKids: This humble nobody HeroClix Player/Collector out here on the periphery of the HeroClix internet community thanks you, especially your Game Design team and its playtesters, for its professionalism and creativity and for keeping this game alive and well. 

Can’t wait for the whole damn Rulebook and Power & Abilities Card! 

….. Wait, what are they going to do with Team Abilities?! 

HeroClix 2017 Rules 10: Invincible, Precision Strike, and Energy Explosion | HeroClix

HeroClix 2017 Rules 10: Invincible, Precision Strike, and Energy Explosion | HeroClix:

“!WOW!” big time on that change to Energy Explosion. So much simpler, makes much more sense. Mm-mm, makes me want to dust off the old FANTASTIC FORCES Green Goblin(s). 

From NPR News: 5 Insights Into Judge Neil Gorsuch After 2nd Day Of Confirmation Hearings

Watch Live: Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing : NPR:

EDIT  (2017-03-22): Reading post in the “U.S. Politics” forum I frequent, and speaking as a “purple Republican”, I agree with the following observations I’ve read —

Gorsuch is the best choice we can expect right now. “Not too tart, not too sweet” of a Conservative pick.Merrick Garland is still an eminently qualified candidate and I hope he gets another chance. He was screwed-over. 

In my opinion, Congress acted in an unconstitutional manner in shirking its “advise and consent” duties by not allowing either hearings or and up or down confirmation vote on Merrick Garland. 

I’d like to know what Grosuch thinks of what happened to Garland, and the process of “advise and consent”.

Just thinking about what happened to Garland makes me long to see Mitch McConnell’s head mounted on a pike at the base of the steps to the Capitol building, with a little sign that says “Sic Semper Tyrannis”. Maybe with a supplemental sign with that quote from Jefferson: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Followed with a “Beware, ‘Dark Money’ puppeteers, for you are not patriots.”

Yeah, I’m in a foul mood today.