WizKids Begins Introducing Players to 2017 HeroClix Core Rules Changes

“HeroClix 2017 Rules 0: Introduction and Goals” from Wednesday, 2017-03-01.

“HeroClix 2017 Rules 1: New Rules Language” posted today, Thursday, 2017-03-02.

I’m super-excited! Yes, the changes this year look to revolve almost — almost — exclusively around streamlining language to help new players learn retain depth of tactics/strategy for veteran players, and reduce loophole-abuse. But, they hint at the the continued healthy evolution of the game.

I’m very much looking forward to more.

Sidebar: Although they won’t be ‘rebalancing’ standard powers deliberately, it does make me itch to get back to doing my own amateur ‘tinkering’ with the standard power effects. Thanks to a certain non-HeroClix game — the “Marvel PuzzleQuest” game — been thinking a lot about how standard powers could ‘scale’ based on the relative ‘power’ of a clix, as indicated by the piece’s point value. WizKids’ Game Design Team introduced the inspiration some years ago with the introduction of Ultra Heavy Objects, and the restriction of only characters with Super Strength and worth 100 points or more being able to pick them up.

As I’ve posted before with my own ‘tinkering’ of Close Combat Expert, I’ve been wanting to see an effect that allows a character to use that modifier on its defense value. I’m trying to tease-out how that might be worded now, and it’s a fun little brain-teaser I haven’t worked out yet….

Sidebar II: I still crave a subscription-based service (again, taking MPQ as inspiration, I’d pay $9.99 per month for) a ‘souped-up UNITS section’ that’s better than HCRealms.com’s, with each character entry set up in a similar manner to the character card previews WizKids posts, and where the language for existing cards is updated, and new cards are ‘issued’ for ‘pre-character card era’ clix, and revisions tracked. I will continue to dream…

Edit (2017-03-09):

HeroClix 2017 Rules 4: As a Free Action | HeroClix: http://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/03/08/heroclix-2017-rules-4-as-a-free-action/

As a “HeroClix Rules Aficionado”, I approve of the streamlining and clarification of the article, and charts can be handy tools.