From NPR News: U.S. Ramps Up Its Fight Against Al-Qaida In Yemen



I am nothing. I am no one. I have no desire or ambition to be ‘someone’.

I am not ‘special’, nor am I ‘unique’, and I am most defintely not ‘one in a million’.

I’ve learned the value of hard work, and try to be a good, productive worker. Others must determine whether or not I am a useful, good, or productive worker.

Personal life: Yeah, I have a blog. Nothing special about that. Anyone can have a blog. They’re ‘free’, for Heaven’s sake. 

I’m private, not ‘secretive’. You have a question, ask. 

Yes, i tend to be defensive. I am reluctant to, especially as I’ve grown older and had my own experiences, to stick my neck out. 

I also value a degree of independence.

I believe in God, Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness. I’m not good at the Pursuit, but keep trying.

I’m always re-evaluating Life, and where I am in it.

I am deeply flawed. I am aware of that. 

Who are you?